Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture serves as a comprehensive and accessible reference on the basic principles, PDF MB Password: nvilnephtalyca.ga Help. View Table of Contents for Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture Introduction to Acupuncture Points (Pages: ). Huisheng Xie; Vanessa Preast. xie's veterinary acupuncture Standard Veterinary Treatment Guidelines for Veterinary Clinics Acupuncture Trigger Points and Musculoskeletal Pain.

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Xie's veterinary acupuncture / Huisheng Xie, Vanessa Preast ; 2 Introduction to Acupuncture Points. 13 D. Back-shu Association Points or Front-mu. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture | Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has been used to treat animals in China for thousands. Huisheng Xie Vanessa Preast XIE'S VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURE 41 42 43 . Acupuncture Points A. Selection of Local Points B. Selection of Distant Points.

The location and use of each acupoint, combined with pictures showing precisely where they are found, account for the large number of pages of text. The authors provide an introduction to acupuncture, with explanations on the classification and therapeutic effects of acupoints. However, it is organized so that students of TCM and acupuncture can grasp the field in a logical format.

A review of acupuncture methods is included, with extensive descriptions of each technique tonifying or reducing, warming or cooling, etc. As well, there are useful lists of local, distant, and special points. In understandable terms, the authors describe how to differentiate deficiency and excess patterns, and follow this with acupuncture prescriptions to treat them.

Lastly, there is a chapter on needle insertion and stimulation dry needling, moxibustion, and electroacupuncture. He speaks internationally on veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine, and is the author of numerous books and papers. Free Access.

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New Password. Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? At the last moment, the brain screamed to the anus: "All right, you win! The anus relaxed and all was well3.

Although moral of the original joke was: "Don't underestimate an Ass-Hole! There is interdependence and interaction between the organs, functions, and emotions of the body.

We saw earlier that the Chinese regarded man as a unity of Yin-Yang in body-spirit. Psychosomatic medicine also sees man as a unity of mind spirit and soma. Thus, interactions between these components of the organism influence the health balance of the organism. Psyche influences Soma and Soma influences Psyche. Those who ignore this reality have a very incomplete view of factors influencing health.

In vet medicine, it would appear that the animal psyche plays a less important role in dis-ease than the psyche in human medicine. Nevertheless, the animal psyche is important and can be harnessed in many practical ways, as any experienced animal handler knows.

The Chinese were aware of the unity of the psyche-soma and of the interdependence of the organs and emotions.

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Disorders of the heart may influence the kidneys and lungs, and viceversa. Disorder of the liver-gallbladder may influence the stomach. Chinese medical philosophy developed a complete schema of interdependence between the organs in the Five Phase Cycle. The Five Phase Theory and its uses in medicine are discussed in another paper, to which the reader is referred.

All living organisms survive by a process of adaptation to their external and internal environments. Those who can not adapt successfully must suffer as a result.

The organism acts upon and is influenced by natural forces in its external environment. Environmental factors are not often considered but are very important nonetheless. They include Cosmic, Solar and Lunar forces, climatic changes, electromagnetic fields, geographical conditions and geophysical fields. In a later section, we will examine other external factors. The effects of cosmic and solar forces on animal health are poorly defined.

Effects of the moon on health include a tendency to haemorrhage during new and full moon. Surgical complications are less likely to arise if major surgery is avoided for a few days before and after new and full moon. Many years ago, Harold Burr, USA, recorded the electrical potentials of trees, day after day for many years.

He found a cyclical change in potentials related to moon phase, day v night and sunspot activity. Maximum DC electrical potentials occurred at new and full moon; in daytime; and at peak sunspot activity.

Minimum potentials occurred at quarter and threequarter moon phase; at night and at minimum sunspot activity. He found similar changes in electrical potentials in humans.

Robert Becker Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, New York and others have reported that people are more irritable at new and full moon and that violent crimes rape, murder, assault, suicide and admissions to psychiatric hospitals are more common at these times. The English word lunatic is derived from the Latin luna Moon and tic fit, convulsion.

Epileptic fits, convulsions and hallucinations are more likely to arise at these times also. I am unaware of published work on the effects of the full and new moon on animal dis-ease, but I suspect that neuromuscular disorders such as convulsions in dogs and grass hypomagnesaemic tetany in cows may be more common at these times also. Geophysical forces: For thousands of years, in all civilisations, certain people claimed to be able to find water under the ground, using instruments like Y sticks divining rods pendulums, etc.

When the diviner passes across underground streams, an involuntary muscular contraction causes the instrument to react. The diviner tries to locate exactly the course of the stream. He then tries to find the place where one or more other streams intersect usually at different depths. The hole for the well is sunk at this point. Diviners explain this phenomenon by claiming that the water, running in fissures in the underground rocks, creates a distortion in the magnetic field above the fissure.

Dr. Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture (BX03)

The body of the diviner reacts as a biosensor to this alteration by an involuntary muscular contraction. See the paper on psychic methods of diagnosis and therapy in AP and homoeopathy.

Diviners in Europe, Australia, Africa and America have reported that many dis-eases in man and animals are associated with strong reactive points over these streams. Insomnia, arthritis rheumatism, asthma and cancer have been associated with these places.

Where cattle or other animals are confined to a stall or pen directly over these geophysical reaction points, chronic disorders can arise, such as poor growth, chronic ketosis and infertility.

Orthodox treatment is often unsuccessful in these cases. Some cases of chronic dis-ease may be associated with these EMFs such as those created by high-voltage cables , electric cables underground, electrical equipment electric blankets, TV and VDU screens etc.

Other electro-magnetic and gravitational influences include eclipses, planetary alignments, thunder-storms etc. Effects of climate: Exposure to cold, damp weather when animals are turned out to pasture in the Spring are often associated with outbreaks of grass tetany and muscular degeneration white muscle dis-ease, associated with selenium deficiency.

There is evidence that cattle can sometimes eat large amounts of ergot Claviceps purpurea with no effects if they are warm and dry.

If, however, the weather is very cold and the lower limbs are wet or freezing as in cold, damp cow-sheds in winter severe outbreaks of ergotism gangrene of the limbs etc can follow. Deficiencies or imbalances in total intake of dry matter, its energy, protein, mineral and vitamin status, are well studied and need no further comment. The diet may also influence health if it contains plant, organic or inorganic poisons. In man, the role of masked hidden allergies to common feedstuffs, drugs, contact and inhalant-allergens has been recognised only in recent years.

Many chronic dis-eases are associated with a hypersensitivity or intolerance, hidden allergy to common foods etc Randolph; Mackarness; Coca; Breneman. Diagnosis of masked allergy is based on systematic elimination of specific items from the diet or the environment of the patient for a period of days or so. Then the patient is challenged orally, sublingually or nasally with each suspect food, etc in single tests. If a violent reaction occurs within hours after challenge, the food etc is eliminated completely from the diet.

Following this, the health of the patient improves dramatically. The role of these masked allergies in animal dis-ease is not yet as well established as in human dis-eases. The sensory nervous system transmits stimuli of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. These signals are transmitted to the spinal cord and, via the ascending tracts, to the brain and higher centres. Sensory input may activate segmental, intersegmental and supraspinal reflexes.

It may also activate the autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamus-pituitary etc. The role of the nervous system and the endocrine system in adaptation responses is well discussed by other authors 4, They postulated the existence of two systems which can transmit information in the body : a the neuroendocrine system as already described, and b a slow acting non-nervous system analogous to the primitive nervous system of plants and lower animals.

This Primitive Nervous System acts by sensing alterations in the electrical potentials at the skin5 and in damaged organs and tissues. The DC current of injury is transmitted along planes of low electrical impedance the AP Channels and is boosted amplified at the AP points. This system switches on when injury grossly alters the normal electrical potential.

When healing occurs, the electrical potentials return to normal and switch off the system.

The ancients, mystics and many moderns accept that humans and animals have a psychic sixth sense. By Yin-Yang philosophy that sense implies a psychic transmission force also. These are the bases of telepathy, divination, telekinesis, kinaesthesia, prayer-healing, spells, incantations, symbolic healing rituals, magic black- and white- etc.

In spite of the ridicule of many scientists, telepathy, telepathic diagnosis and telepathic healing or injury voodoo, black-magic are realities for many people see the paper on Psychic Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment in AP and homoeopathy. The Chinese name for the AP point Xue means "hole". The Chinese have claimed for centuries that influences such as heat, damp, cold, dryness, wind and physical injury can gain direct access to the body via the "body holes" the AP points.

We know that lightning tends to strike in certain places which have low electrical resistance. Diviners claim that all lightning strikes at strong geophysical reactive points, low-resistance "holes" in the earth. AP points may attract EMF and external signals in the same way as a lightning conductor attracts lightning.

The skin and mucous membranes are the interfaces between the external and internal environment; the AP points are the "leaky places" on the skin, which connect the external and internal environments. All living things contain Qi. Balance of Qi in the body maintains health. Absence of Qi occurs at death. Qi is obtained from the lungs oxygen, air and the food nutrients.

Qi interacts with genetic influences, immunity to infections and non- specific resistance to trauma, poisons and dis-ease, autonomic balance and hormone balance. If the degree of insult disturbs the balance of Qi, dis-ease results.

Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture

Internal insults: Genetic susceptibility, uncontrolled emotions; auto-immune diseases, autonomic and hormonal disturbance, reflex effects of injury. Abnormality is a relative state caused by a poor adaptation to internal or external changes, associated with an abnormal excess or deficiency of energy in one or more Channels.

Excess Yin will consume weaken Yang. Deficient Yang will allow a relative excess of Yin. In both cases, there is a relative net excess of Yin. This causes Yin Cold Syndromes. Excess Yang will consume weaken Yin. Deficient Yin will allow a relative excess of Yang. In both cases there is a relative net excess of Yang.

This causes Yang Hot Syndromes.

Excess of Yin or excess of Yang causes conditions known as Shi excess Syndromes. Deficiency of Yin or deficiency of Yang causes conditions known as Xu deficiency Syndromes.

In Shi excess Syndromes, the body resistance anti-pathogenic defence systems are relatively normal and the cause of dis-ease is usually external. In Xu deficiency Syndromes, body resistance is relatively weak, and the dis-ease has usually gained the interior and is more serious.

AP therapy is different for Shi and Xu Syndromes. Blood tests may show severe copper deficiency.

One may be tempted to assume that copper deficiency is the main cause, or the only cause. However, further examination may show that infection and parasitism are involved also and the role of these may not be appreciated fully. If very detailed investigation were done, other factors for instance excess of iron, molybdenum, lead or zinc and stress factors may also be present. In practice, herd supplementation with copper salts could restore health and fertility. If, however, the other factors were corrected singly or together, the same good result could be obtained even without copper supplementation.

Similarly, outbreaks of infectious dis-ease in young calves enteritis, pneumonia, septicaemia, oomphalitis, etc may suggest very heavy bacterial challenge as the main cause. On further examination, however, it may be found that the herd is deficient in trace-minerals Cu, Co, Se, Zn which are essential to herd immunity. Control of the "infectious disease" in these cases may be achieved by adequate supplementation of the calves with the correct traceelements.

Prevention, in subsequent years, is based on supplementation of the pregnant cows, so that the calves are born with adequate trace-mineral status and the dams' colostrum is adequate in antibody. Of course, improvement in the housing and hygiene on the farm will also help. The best chance for healing or cure depends on: a. It follows that many conditions respond to a wide variety of treatments, singly or in combination.

These treatments include orthodox medical or surgical methods, physiotherapy, desensitisation to allergens, alteration of diet or lifestyle, relaxation therapy, hypnosis, psychiatric care etc. AP is extremely valuable in stimulating the adaptive mechanisms. This will be discussed in another paper AP for immunomediated disorders.

Unorthodox therapies, such as homeopathy, cytotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, "neutralising" geophysical forces, radiaesthesia, laying on of hands etc may also be effective in man and animals but the absence of controlled studies has limited their acceptance and their use.

Becker, R. Over scientific publications on tissue regeneration, electrical potentials, the primitive nervous system, AP and geo- physical effects on health.

Breneman, J. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois.

Burr, H. Neville Spearman Ltd. The Fields of Life: our links with the universe.The limits of Yin and Yang are seen, for example at the Winter solstice December 2lst when Yin is maximal relative to Yang and Summer solstice June 2lst when Yang is maximal.

The Chinese have claimed for centuries that influences such as heat, damp, cold, dryness, wind and physical injury can gain direct access to the body via the "body holes" the AP points. Forgot your username?

She incorporated acupuncture into her practice of small animal medicine and surgery. Equal amounts of Yin and Yang night and day occurs only at the equinoxes March 2lst and September 23rd. Listen and act if you dare! The concept of natural rhythms and change is central to Yin-Yang theory: See Master Sun, sail in at dawn, dip away at dusk. Journal List Can Vet J v.