PDF | The purpose of this research note is to illustrate the usefulness Seeing the Light: Using Visual Ethnography in Family Business Settings. Tate Etc, no, Spring Seeing the Light David Hockney is designing a stained glass window for Westminster Abbey, yet France and Germany are leading. Photography means “to write with light.” Just as knowledge of grammar and vocabulary contributes to effective writing, knowing a few tools for image-making can.

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SEEING THE LIGHT. Responsible Mineral Sourcing from . responsibility/pdf/ 7 Hewlett Packard, “HP. Seeing the Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies is anengaging and innovative approach to the study of philosophy and thedevelopment of moral reasoning. Seeing the light. Bibliography p: 1. Moving-pictures-Philosophy. 2. Moving- pictures-Production and direction. I. Title. PNB74 '01

It is generally agreed that the painting portrays the martyrdom of St. Five major religious communities had emerged from the intense religious ferment of the previous century.

Seeing the Light: Discourse and Practice in the Optics Lab

Their very existence depended Leiden to impose order…All Remonstrant assemblies and on attaining toleration. This makes it often difficult for us to understand persecutor of dissenters, Willem the passions that drove events then, but if we wish to understand de Bondt. People by the tens and hundreds of thousands died in wars that were in large part religiously based. Although the Dutch avoided full-scale civil warfare the issues dividing them were no less passionately felt.

Stephen St. Stephen is considered the first of the Christian martys and his execution has a prominent place in early Christian history, recounted in detail in The Acts of the Apostles, now a part of the New Testament. In the medieval period artists often depicted St. The one nearest the viewer spirit. At his right stands a man against them.

The image below, from an illuminated medieval prayer book, exemplifies the iconography early modern artists inherited from their past. Over the centuries deacons were given significant authority in many places, and were included in liturgical celebrations. This is clearly indicated in late medieval and early modern paintings.

In all three paintings the large stones used to kill Stephen are prominent. This is also consistent with the historical record. Stoning had been the approved means for capital punishment in the Yahwist community since the time of Moses. All but two have faces. At the center is Stephen himself, on his knees, an agonized look on his face, gazing upward, awaiting death.

Five other men are throwing large stones down on Stephen, participating in his death. Off to one side, surrounded by false shadows.

Beside them is a man wearing boots, participanting witnesses, is the seated figure in the execution. In the background two groups observe from a distance.

At first sight not a lot. But on looking upward and to his right. One of the four is wearing a second look almost every- armor, and the man beside him wears noble garb. On the right thing—and with the intuition an elderly bearded man stands beside a boy.

Both the elder and of a dramaturge.

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Rembrandt has torn the scene into zones of light and dark- The remaining six observers stand around Stephen. They ness, with a turbaned soldier neither join in his execution, nor do anything to prevent it. Lastman suspends the action before the climax.

He wears a multi-colored cap and gazes the merciless thick of it. We are expected to know who and why from our knowledge of the Bible and current events. The new questions the painting asks are these: For any artist this would have been remarkable, but for a year-old artist producing his first commissioned work, it verges on the incredible.

At the very least it injects the young artist into the religious melee occurring in his society. In sixteenth-century Europe perhaps 5, people died as Most obviously it depicts him as a victim of the fundamentalist religious martyrs, and the terror that had overtaken Leiden in the s.

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Gregory Protestantism, but that group lacked the ability to defend itself Salvation at Stake: Christian Martyrdom against their more passionate adversaries. There was one other option. It was the Doopsgezinden now known as Mennonites —more than a thousand of whom had died as martyrs in the previous century. Stephen painting, but there has not been agreement as to which of the faces is his. The two observers nearest Stephen in the painting have both been suggested, and Simon Schama has suggested that three faces in the painting are self- portraits.

None of the other faces in the St. Stephen painting have this feature. English translation of Rembrandt: Zoektocht van een genie. Press, , pp. Gary Schwartz, Rembrandt: Life Into Art, Yale Univ. Press, , Silvia Danesi Squarzina, Giovinezza di Rembrandt: Images and Metaphors, Haus Publish- ing, London, , pp.

The Stoning of St. Stephen, The Prophet Balaam and the Ass, and The Apostle Paul in Prison especially invoke the martyrdom, persecution, exile, and imprisonment suffered by the Remonstrants in the years following the Synod of Dort.

Three Jewish officials in fine, flowing caftans engage in animated conversation before the round temple in the right background.

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These figures may be the three judges who were required by Jewish law to make judgments for the people. Saul looks in the same direction as Stephen, but does not yet see the vision of Christ he will later encounter. Press, One of the first owners of any painting by Rembrandt was probably Petrus Scriverius, a historian with a strong commitment to Remonstrant tenents.

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Share this: Like this: Like LoadingBut if, at first glance, the leading from the outer enclosure to the inner shrine building seems anomalous in the history of Ayyubid area fig.

Thanks to Photoshop. Stephen Published 3. Help Center Find new research papers in: Saul looks in the same direction as Stephen, but does not yet see the vision of Christ he will later encounter.

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