R. Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path (PDF) - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Critical Path. v R. Buckminster Fuller Critical Path Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Adjuvant CONTENTS Foreword — (ix) Introduction: Twilight of the World's Power Structures (xvii-xxxviii) 1. R. Buckminster Fuller Critical Path Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Adjuvant i CONTENTS Foreword — (ix) Introduction: Twilight of the World's Power Structures (xvii-xxxviii) 1.

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Humanity's Critical Path: From Weaponry to Livingry. R. Buckminster Fuller. +.,.,s ":"P 5 vị. vY,,.,.,.,., ở độr:: P h i." ", P, f. + S. T = x3 1tr4 MV-. BFI'S DYMAXION READING GROUP: CRITICAL PATH Critical Path is R. Buckminster Fuller's masterwork - the summing up of a lifetime's. Critical Path is a book written by US author and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller with the .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

American Revolution. Displayed on the stairway landing wall together with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I painted on canvas, the flag was paint-. Both were great landleaders of the. With the Revolution over we have Alexander Hamilton arguing before it was not the intention of the signers of the Declaration.

Hamilton went on to argue that the United States government so formed would, of course, need money from time to time and must borrow that money from the rich landowners' banks and must pay the banks back with in-. This is where a century-and-a-half-long game of "wealth"-poker representative government did with the. Then the great landlords loaned parcels of to sharecropping farmers,. The landlord had his "tithing" barn within which to store the grains collected in the baskets fiscus.

Obviously none of this natural. Morgan and Company. But, as with uncalled poker hands, nobody ever knew what the "wealthy" really had. I was a boy in a "comfortably off" family, not a "wealthy" family not wealthy enough to download and own horses and carriages. To me the wealthy seemed to be just "fantastically so. Why was it called the First World War? All wars until this time had been fought in the era when land was the primary wealth. The land was the wealth because it produced the food essential rich get richer.

They exhausted the farmproduced food supplies and trampled down the farms. War was local.

Buckminster Fuller

In , only five years after Malthus's pronouncement of the fundamental inadequacy of life support on planet Earth, the telegraph was invented. It used copper wires to carry its messages. This was the beginning of a new ers. Metals greatly increased the effectiveness of the land-produced foods.

Metals were found often, but not always, in tries. Mine ownerships were granted by govern-. Because the world-around-occurring metals. The "outs" saw that the British Navy was guarding only the surface of the sea and that there were proven new inventions the submarine, which could go under the water, and the trol of the world's high-seas lines. If the line of supply that kept the war joined on the European continent broke. In , three years before the U. Morgan, as the "Allies' " fiscal agent, began to download in the U.

Because the "ability to pay later" credit of the Allied nations could not be stretched any further, the only.

Within one year the million armed and trained U. With the line of supply once more powerfully re-established by the U. Navy and its merchant fleet, it became clear that the "ins" were soon going to win. Morgan, now representing the "allied" power structures' capitalist rived in France, they entered the line of battle. We will win the war and then stop the armaments production. You're going to pay is. With the U. Congress's formulating of the legislation that set up the tax, "we the people" had, for the first time, a little peek into the poker hands of the wealthy.

But only into the amount scheme of the annual income. Because the debt to the U. There was enormous potential productivity wealth of wealth-producing capability that had never before existed, alone as a consequence of war.

In there were no bank-supported time. Many accepted orders for more than they had the mechanical capability to produce. Their hometown financiers vidually. They named their new venture the Chrysler Company.

Dillon, Read fired the auto company presidents, who were primarily interested in new-cardesigning, and replaced them with production engineers.

Wall Street followed. They made drawings of the new models, which mudguard and radiator changes with no design.

This was the beginning of the downfall of the world-esteemed integrity of Yankee ingenuity, which was frequently, forthrightly, and often naively. The owners of the farmlands today are no longer "farmers" or even humans they are the great business conglomerates.

What began. Carter making enormous payments to appease big corporations for cutting off vital grain. There came a "pecking-order" point when the central Chicago banks foreclosed on. This occasioned the U. Congress voting to accelerate by four months the presidential inauguration of Franklin. Their marble-walled, steel-barred, ibly vaulted. Church's world organization, which for a pittance acquired many extraordinary properties at that time, which vents, colleges.

They don't like socialism, but," said the New Deal leaders, "the fact is that we, the American people, are going to have to guarantee our own bank accounts. People don't like to keep their money under their mattresses equal. Society will think well of 'we the people' as the government,. They had no idea it went out on loan within minutes after it came in. In , '34, '35, and '36 the investigated the banking system ers.

The New Deal completely separated from banking what Morgan and many of the private banks had been doing taking deposit money a postmaster. The banking story is best told by a poem that was, at that time, allegedly composed by Ogden Nash but was never to my knowledge formally published and copyrighted.

It was, however, memorized and widely recited from copies often typewritten by those who remembered it:. Our parents forgot to get wed. Did a wedding bell chime, it was always a time When our parents were somewhere in bed. Your banker, your broker, your Washington joker, Three prominent bastards are we, tra. She became a happy mother of an infant which was I.

Whenever she was gloomy, I could always make her grin,. Was an overwhelming tendency for criminal assault. His philosophy was simple and quite free from moral. Well, I didn 't go to college but I got me a degree. I reckon I'm the model of a perfect S.

I remember Daddy's warning that raping is a crime,. Works Progress Administration, which provided jobs for approximately anyone who wanted them artists, mathematicians, etc.

New Deal seemingly didn't give money The U. But in the end the government rarely collected on the loans and nally just forgave the. The New Deal had also pledged itself at outset to take care of the "forThe government voted minimum-wage limits of a substantial magnitude.

The economy was going again. People were getting more and more jobs how many depended upon how many prime contracts the government gave out. World War II was clearly looming ahead. The New Deal gotten man. Treasury Department as "an operating expense" and also to be deducted from income before calculating income taxes.

With the termination of Morgan's control of as those of U. Great Crash of came and events of the Depression occurred, as already related and the great poker hands were called,.

Since the Wall Street lawyers and brethren in other parts of the country. Wall Street lawyers very informally, but very seriously, organized far-aheadin-time research-and-study teams consisting of the most astute corporation. In the mid-nineteenth century mass production of in history,. Suddenly we had a completely new form of capitalism, which required both the large-scale financing and integration of metals, mines and mineowners, metals refining and shaping into wholesaleable forms,.

The Morgan-escaped managerial capitalists said, "I'm gothe rate at which if we pay our stockholders dividends we can pay dividends is directly dependent upon the rate at which our production wheels go around. To keep our wheels going around, we don't care whether we are using scrap metals or mined metals.

As a matter of fact, the metals-as-scrap are usually more refined than the metals coming out of the whether from obmines. They cost less, so we're better off using the scrap solete buildings, machinery, armaments, railways, or ships. The mining companies found that industry would not download ingots of their They found that they had to turn their metals into tubes, bars, sheet,. The change came in the form of many new armament designs for the clearly approaching World War II.

The new designs released as "scrap" the metals from obdesigns called for. Roothe time of. With their powerful position established with the government, the U. New production tooling would cost them. That was the beginning of the end for the U.

In the late s the "Big Three" automobile companies of America. This continuing deceit of the customers. Throughout all pre- World War II years employers had maintained unemployed people were unemployed because they were unqualified for vival, socially. Eisenhower had no political conviction, one way or the other. His vanity was excited at the idea of becoming president of his get the victorious,. They convinced Eisenhower that "the U. They had him cut all price controls, all rent controls, all interest-rate controls; they had him terminate anything that was stymieing the making of big.

The CIA of money to do X tasks. I call the The great U. Furthermore, I was able in that issue to study carefully all the foreign investments made in America all the way back to its coloing electrically generated and. The East India Company, whose flag I have shown to be the origin of ours, was a private enterprise chartered by the British.

R. Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path (PDF)

In America had bullion gold in the world in the. But with that much gold out of the Pandora's box of it provided a "gold lever" with which to. All countries outside America had gone off the gold standard. In the course of international monetary negotiating that accompanied. But the main obof the Wall Street lawyers was for the corporations to get out from. In the American people had saved the corporations by subsidizing them; then, twenty years later,.

This irreversible trend continues. Franklin Roosevelt, exercising war powers given him by Congress, in fect instantly appropriated. World War II effort. He was also a bril-. All that was necessary to correct the situation was to give contracts to private enterprise to carry scientists. Strauss assured Eisenhower that the corporations would take on.

Physical land italism. The whole of atomic development was know-how. The ism,. Energy in either of. Because of the foregoing it was now possible to maintain that hidden know-how capability within private corporate walls. Since 99 percent of humanity does not as yet understand science's mathematical language, than.

Through the national defense budget's armaments development, all the once risky research and development costs of enterprise are paid for by the public through taxation. Since their subsequent epochal. After vast stock. In the king of Saudi Arabia said to a leading large oil interests,. There's no question that the few sential to.

The "gas crisis" re-established "rational" public yielding to. They have kept their U. America haven't realized that these companies are officially situated elsewhere despite the incredible amplification of those great corporations' annual profits,. Sum-totally, what has been taken from the people of the U. Everything we have reported here has been published other, but with the individual items often so far apart.

As a consequence the total picture presented here is approximately unknown to any but the Wall Street lawyers' grand strategists, most of whom are no longer alive. In this book, Critical Path, often to the lawyer-resurrected "capitalism" that.

American-flag-flying storefronts in the U. Planet Earth would be humanly untenable. Because the Russians knew all this was so, and the American people did. Eisenhower Geneva Meeting of that atomic bomb warfare would never occur that is the way the U.

They assumed. This the U. The Russians have now attained so commanding a lead in the killingry poker game that even the U. Nothing to stop the U. Treasury from issuing notes, but for. Nothing could be more pathetic than the role that has latter. Nevertheless, the news media and most over-thirty-years-ofage U. They are riding on the snapping end of the power-structure dragon's If.

The stars are trying to tell humanity to awake and prosper and to consciousto. Since realization and fulfillment of that responsibility involve evolutionary its mind and the inconsehumans on Earth may not bear. Along came World War I. I did well in the Navy.

I didn't have to "make money" with my ships. But when I entered the business world and. Allegra's birth. Evolution seemed to be manner as to drive humans to inadvertent accomplish-.

Though I lived within seven miles of Boston's center, object. The latter are all the tools that cannot be invented or operated by one human. The first industrial tool was the spoken word. With words humans compounded their experience-won knowledge.

Most indusindustrial tools. At eighty-five, I have and water, which temporarily be-. Discussion of "acceleration" in economic, sociologic, and ecologic evolution did not begin in the intellectual publications until later. In contradistinction to the successively greater performance gains with ever less pounds and volumes of materials, ergs of energy, and seconds of.

In this more performance with less ergs. This newly observed phenomena seemed to question the absolute scientific validity of Malthus's. Along with the Dymaxion Chronofile newspapers, magazines, programs, Until This record ers.

Transport magazine; my Stockade buildings of ; the 4-D monograph and the Dymaxion House of ; my publication of Shelter magazine; the Dymaxion Car; the Dymaxion.

I am glad, and when it is worriedly When it makes mistakes, I learn the most and am elated. That is the extent of my prejudice. I think the curves plottable from my data are acceptable as demonstrating the realization of the scientific marshaling of my guinea pig's case history,.

The answer was "precession. When we pull away from one another the opposite rigid-disc ends of a.

All these right-angle effects are processional effects. Society discovered ecology only. Socioeconomic precession by environment-controlling strategic course that obviously could be steered only.

Almost anyone can obtain a patent from the patent office. What history has shown to be socioeconomically important is whether those claims can survive in the highest court trials of patent-infringement cases.

Vast knowledge. This world-around patent. Then, using the most advanced aircraft-engineering techniques and the highest-performance aluminum alloys,.

Most of my inventions have come into public use long after my relevant Some of them have not yet come into public use. In Einstein, "Mr. Science" himself, published his "Cosmic Religious. The individuals memory of many surprising moments of dawning comprehensions of an interrelated significance to. Total accountability constitute the. There are principles governing covarying rates of relative size-time interrelationships.

I can see through my glasses because light moving through only one way at , m. Acknowledging the mathematically elegant intellectual nally regenerative Universe. All scientists have brains. Brains always and only coordinate the special.

Brain then sorts out the information to describe acteristics, storing. Principles are eternal. Special case interactions of principles are temporal. The Geoscope world-around's most immediately One of the how development that of.

And In addition to A the difficulties of popular comprehension imposed by the invisibility of the frontiers of everyday reality, and B specialization as. Humans cannot see humans growing either bodily or as local huHumans cannot see the motion of the hour and minute hands clock or of the physical growth of trees. Humans can realize only ret-. Is there not an instrument that can inform humanity about invisibly trending evolutionary challenges.

With a twelve- or sixteen-inch globe you can get the most information possible in any one viewing.

This is. The Dymaxion transformational projection system that produces the SkyOcean World Map divides the sphere into its maximum omnisymmetrical, twelve-vertexed, thirty-arc-edged subdivisions of twenty equi-central-angled arcs of 63 26'. Slowly the foot-diameter icosahedronal Earth's surface would be seen to be parting along.

A major airport's runways would each be about eighth of an inch long. A major football stadium. The bulbs could be computer-distributed to represent the exact geographical distribution positioning of the people. Since the two spheres mini-Earth and real Earth are rigidly coupled together tangentially at the same latitude-longitude point on the real Earth as the latitude-longitude zenith point on the Geoscope sphere, the geographical-geometrical orientation attitudes brought about by their respective axial rotations.

Such negligible distances are called "parallax" by the astronomer or navigator. Standing at night with your eyes at the center of such a Geoscope iature Earth face,. Because outwardly of Geoscope's equator what we can see of the starry scene. They will spontaneously say "Sunclipse" instead of "Sunset.

The new educational technology of world man will of eventual, emergencritical necessity come to produce and use the Geoscopes as ba-. Geoscope induce total-Earth, total-humanity viewing significance individual daily experiences. The optimum Geoscope is designed to make practical an omnidirectional.

The lowest level at which the Air Force radio-triangulation-fixing photomosaicking was flown obviously produced the greatest did. As yet standing in prime condition, St. Peter's foot-diameter marble dome built in Rome over years ago and the Pantheon's equally excellent-condition 1 foot-diameter marble dome built in Rome. By clear-span geodesic hemispherical. But you could see clearly your acre-or-greater farm. The foot Geoscope's surface geography would be at a scale of one to At this scale, on a foot-diameter miniature "Earth," we set the.

The shifts may be comprehensively introduced into bank and acceleratingly displayed around the the Geoscope "Earth," to be. Great Plains stretched out far below. Walter Orr Roberts took moving ture footage of the vast area stretched out below Boulder. If world-encompassing actions were accelerated, or a facsimile of the action presented within the velocity range of.

The consequences of various world plans could be computed and ed, using the ic,. The Geoscope will make possible communication of evolutionary phenomena not hitherto comprehendingly communicable via humans' conceptual faculties regarding their Spaceship Earth's orientation travel. Most of the positioning of the geographical data had been done by.

Critical Path

Bay were sharply located by their intertriangular reCompass Island. This complex of intertriangulated islands. World War IPs commencement most of the latitude-longitude mapping had been triangularly corrected.

Franklin Roosevelt's grand strategy agreement with Churchill called for the U. Germany and U.

Critical Path

By agreement of their general staffs the Russians and U. A intelligence operatives the Allies prevailed. Finally the world triangulation entered to Berlin. There has been an evolution of religious ideas from those of the Egyptian pyramid-builders, whose ambition was to deliver a single individual, the pharaoh , into the afterlife, to the modern belief that everybody has a right to enjoy life on Earth p.

Chapter 3 - Legally Piggily[ edit ] Fire is the Sun unwinding from the tree's log. City-states were the first institutions to make organised use of extortion p.

This was then followed by the growth of international trade , which appropriates the wealth of the planet for its own ends. Corruption in the form of "lawyer-capitalism" has led the U. Government subsidies given to corporations amount to socialism p. Eventually the U. The mechanical principle of precession is used as a metaphor for the ability of a person to influence the world by applying pressure in an unconventional direction p.

Fuller's religious beliefs are explained p. Fuller observed that when he did things for the benefit of others, it had a positive effect on his life, but when he did things merely for his personal benefit, the outcome was negative. This eventually led him to the proposition that if he dedicated his life to the betterment of humanity, he would achieve the greatest positive outcome. Anyone who complains about "indecipherable" writing has clearly not tried reading his unforgiving tome Synergetics.

He does his best to summarise his life's achievements, and to leave a blueprint for future generations to follow. Instead of suicide, he decided to eschew traditional employment, and focus on improving the well-being of all of humanity. His in an inspirational story, and it is great to read his deliberately-planned work methods.

But it really needed an editor. For example, Bucky includes verbatim a page report to the Brazilian government about how to industrialise their economy.

It is unclear what relevance this mid-World War II report had to readers in In , this section had almost zero resonance with me. It is titled "Speculative Prehistory of Humanity", and indeed there is an abundance of speculation included.The intimate manuscript records of all the great selfeducated individuals show that they discern intuitively when and what it is rived principles.

The economy was going again.

The World Game is a simulation of global economic activity. The people doing the risking came to the banker for advice. Brains always and only coordinate the special.

Strauss assured Eisenhower that the corporations would take on. Coast mountains of the United States. The artist-scientist. South and North Atlantic Gulf Stream sweeps deeply into the Caribbean Sea all the way to the isthmus of Panama and then through the Gulf of Mexico, as already recounted. See map, page