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The Social Cancer Book from the collections ofNew York Public Library Book digitized by Google from the library of the New York Public. The Social Cancer by Jose Rizal. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as a .pdf: File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read. Noli Me Tangere (Latin for Touch Me Not) is a novel by the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. José Rizal. It was originally written in Spanish, and first.

Daar is belangriker dinge in die lewe. There are more important things in life. Some felt that they started focusing more on the important things in life. Cancer can bring about personal growth such as appreciating the small things in life, being able to see positive things in negative experiences, being less critical towards others and realising what is important in life Venter, To the question "What is a woman? One participant is not of the Christian faith; she stated that she is spiritual but did not experience any change in the spiritual aspect of her life.

I did fight with the Lord. People can draw strength from their faith or relationship with God, which positively affects their ability to cope Venter, This is confirmed by research by Venter , who found that cancer patients also expressed a deepening in their spiritual life and see religion as a way of coping with cancer. A literature review by Lin and Bauer-Wu shows that positive psycho-spiritual wellbeing leads to hope and finding "meaning in life" for patients diagnosed with cancer.

Some participants experienced a change, either positive or negative while others didn't experience any changes. Feelings that you've overcome something or receiving compliments from strangers influenced the participants' self-image.

Some participants' way of coping with the physical changes was wearing a wig or changing their clothes or making an effort with make-up. Dit help jou om meer normaal te voel. It helps you to feel more normal.

Maar ek het, voor die tyd het ek sekere keuses geneem van ek gaan dan my grimering bietjie aanpas en my juweliersware en alles. But I did make certain decisions beforehand, that I'm going to adjust my make-up a bit and my jewellery and everything.

Research showed that there were changes experienced in these aspects, but that most of the changes were positive. This emphasises the participants' ability to take the positive from a negative situation. The spiritual life of participants improved and deepened, which is also an aspect of their lives that assists in coping with the cancer. Participants did not experience a change in their self-concept regarding their femininity, but some did experience a lowered self-image.

Loss of hair can have a negative effect on a person's self-image, but either through wearing wigs or positive feedback from the community, this did not have a detrimental impact on the participants' self-image. Sub-theme: Changes experienced in personality Changes in terms of personality can also link with changes in terms of identity. Personality changes were evident in this research, where participants experienced a shift in their focus as they started to focus on the important things and no longer on trivial things.

As a participant described it: "don't sweat the small stuff. Research showed a change in the emotional side of participants as they became more emotional or depressed. The change of becoming more emotional was seen as a positive change by participants because it made them a "softer person" who is able to empathise with others more.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment does affect a woman's personality and causes certain changes. Whether the changes are positive or negative depends on the person. Sub-theme: Feeling like a woman The participants in this research either felt no changes regarding their femininity or felt more like women after cancer treatment.

An unchanged sense of femininity can indicate that their roles pertaining to femininity were not affected. Participants felt stronger because they had overcome something and did not feel that their femininity was linked to their breasts. It is beneficial that the participants' sense of femininity was not affected by breast cancer or even cancer treatment.

Even the participants who received a lumpectomy or mastectomy didn't feel their womanhood was affected. Participants were able to distinguish their femininity from their physical appearances or the attributes that society sees as feminine breasts and hair. Sub-theme: Changes experienced with regard to spiritual aspects Religion played a very important role in the participants' lives and seven out of eight participants felt that through the cancer process there was a deepening in their spirituality.

Participants were able to draw on their faith for support and hope and they received support from their church. Even the participant who admitted to fighting with God about her cancer diagnosis described a deepening in her relationship with God. This aspect gave participants peace during an emotionally and physically challenging time in their lives.

This research study confirms the importance of religion and how participants are able to see the "bigger picture" because of their relationship with God. Sub-theme: Changes with regard to self-image This sub-theme had mixed results in that some women did experience a lowered self-image, but had coping mechanisms such as wigs or a change in style, while other participants experienced an improved self-image as a result of compliments from community members, or experienced no change whatsoever.

Self-image can be a sensitive issue, but these participants were able to address this issue successfully. Self-image is a subjective issue and depends on the side-effects of treatment and the individual's personality. Patients need to be counselled and prepared for these changes and different ways of dealing with self-image issues can be discussed. Ways of dealing with self-image issues, as found in this study, included wearing a wig or changing one's sense of fashion.

During counselling it is also important to assist the patient and significant other in distinguishing between self-worth and physical appearance.

Social workers in the field of oncology should focus on preparing patients for possible personality changes and self-image changes, including ways of coping with hair loss and a mastectomy in the case of breast cancer.

Seeing that spirituality is such an important aspect for patients, it will be important to ensure that they receive support from their church.

Knowledge beats cancer. Imbued with these ideas. Rizal betrayed some sunrise when his doom was thus foreshadowed. Mad fear that rakes a scornful star Or sweeps a consort's deck!

Go back. While in prison Rizal prepared an address to those of his countrymen who were in armed rebellion. He had lived in that higher dreamland of the future. Extra patrols were in the streets. Rizal standing alone. It was one of those magic December mornings of the tropics--the very nuptials of earth and sky. Arrived there. Bagumbayan Field was crowded with troops.

After bidding good-by to his sister and making final disposition regarding some personal property. Thus he was left at the last. That he was reconciled with the Church would seem to be evidenced by the fact that just before the execution he gave legal status as his wife to the woman. Two special and unusual features are to be noted about this execution. The calmest man in all Manila that day was he who must stand before the firing-squad. All the principal actors were Filipinos: IV "God save thee.

Why look'st thou so? As soon as his doom became certain the Patriots had all scurried to cover. From the fiends. Carnival revelers now dance about the scene and Filipino schoolboys play baseball over that same spot.

A few days later another execution was held on that spot. His Katipunan hovered fitfully around Manila. Does no Caesar. December 1. Unquestionably did Rizal demonstrate himself to be a seer and prophet when he applied to such a system the story of Babylon and the fateful handwriting on the wall!

But forces had been loosed that would not be so suppressed. The better classes were driven to take part in the rebellion. Francisco Roxas. Dark Andres went his wild way to perish by the violence he had himself invoked. Rizal assented with a slight protest. The troops filed past the body. The victim shrugged his shoulders and let the hand fall again to his side--Latin refinement could be no further refined!

A moment later there he lay. Shades of Anda and Vargas!

Out there at Balintawak--rather fitly. Stranger death-dirge no man and system ever had. The destruction of the native leaders. There he stood. Andres Bonifacio and his literally sansculottic gangs of cutthroats were. Rizal extended his left hand. Not an Andromache e'en. This the officer declined to permit. I will raise a part of the veil that covers the evil. And to this end. Shakespeare's Ghost. Desiring thy welfare.

Bowring's translation. Secretaries perchance. I will do with thee what the ancients did with their sick. I am conscious that I also suffer from thy defects and weaknesses. I will strive to reproduce thy condition faithfully. Recorded in the history of human sufferings is a cancer of so malignant a character that the least touch irritates it and awakens in it the sharpest pains. The house of which we are speaking is somewhat low and not exactly correct in all its lines: The inscription on this reads: In spite of the fact that.

Like an electric shock the announcement ran through the world of parasites. We do not believe that its owner has had it torn down. I should spare you this description of the house. It is a rather large building. In the center a large table profusely and expensively decorated seems to beckon to the hanger-on with sweet promises.

This dinner was given in a house on Calle Anloague. Some looked at once for shoe-polish. A wide staircase with green newels and carpeted steps leads from the tiled entrance up to the main floor between rows of flower-pots set upon pedestals of motley-colored and fantastically decorated Chinese porcelain. If we go up the stairs.

It is worthy of note that in the distance of nearly a mile this important artery of the district. O you who read this. Since there are neither porters nor servants who demand invitation cards. Contrasted with these terrestrial preparations are the motley paintings on the walls representing religious matters. To offer to the Spanish ladies a plate of cigars and downloados.

The view is closed on the side of the river by curious wooden arches. The soldier. All the interest and the greatest animation proceed from a group composed of two priests. The poor old lady soon became bored. Some cadets in one corner are conversing in a lively manner but in low tones. The men. The women consist of a number of Filipino and Spanish maidens. In looking at these pictures. He is the curate of Binondo and has been in former years a professor in the college of San Juan de Letran.

The Dominican says little. In contrast. Just wait. One of the priests. In the sala. See how well dressed and how dignified I am! Is it perhaps the different likenesses of Our Lady hanging on the walls that force them to silence and a religious demeanor or is it that the women here are an exception?

A cousin of Capitan Tiago. Yet he had been more given to whipping and had raised the fees in the parish to almost double. Well then. Our host. Don't come at me with theories and fine speeches. With him the Franciscan is carrying on a lively discussion. I stayed in the town of San Diego twenty years and it has been only a few months since I left it. He is full of merriment.

The other is a rubicund youth. I knew in which foot this one was lame. San Diego has a population of six thousand souls and I knew every inhabitant as well as if I had been his mother and wet-nurse. In spite of the fact that his hair is beginning to turn gray. Don't be so hasty! My successor remained a shorter time.

It's one thing to govern in Madrid and another to live in the Philippines. I didn't understand Tagalog very well then. He referred to other colonies whose inhabitants belong to the same race--" "Bah. He remained for a moment staring fixedly at the young man. As I believe the Gospel! The Indian is so indolent! Let a few months pass and you will change your opinion. Does this indolence actually. How's that?

Tinola is a stew of chicken and squash. And what if he were! These are the nonsensical ideas of the newcomers. Fray Damaso was so greatly surprised that he nearly let his glass fall. How long has it been since you got here? Those young ladies--" "Bah. The lieutenant wrinkled his eyebrows a little more and the small man nodded toward Fray Damaso equivocally.

Ask him if there is any equal to the ignorance and indolence of the Indian. The Dominican contented himself with almost turning his back on the whole group.

Santiago doesn't consider himself an Indian--and besides. Don't you see. What's the trouble?

The country is going to ruin. The Dominican raised his head to stare at the Franciscan from under his glasses. But my superiors did it for the good of the Orders for my own good. I've come at my own expense to study the country. But a little General--a little General Calamity--" "Padre. Wasn't your Reverence satisfied with the town?

Suddenly he brought his fist down on the arm of his chair and with a heavy breath exclaimed: That is. Fray Damaso suddenly lost all his merriment and stopped laughing. The Dominican went on in a still more indifferent tone.

The two foreigners paused a moment. Fray Damaso. Vice-Regal Patron! What of that! I certainly was sorry to leave Kamiling and that after I had been there only a few months. The ruling powers support heretics against the ministers of God!

Everybody in the sala turned toward the group with astonished looks. His Excellency represents his Majesty the King! What a wonder!

When there are so many books! And with two fingerbreadths of forehead! Many have written books as big as that! With two fingerbreadths of forehead!

This much I will say and will refrain from expressing the rest of my thoughts here. That's all there is to it. I'm afraid? Go now. But his Excellency learned of the affair and as he is an upright man asked for some punishment--and Padre Damaso was transferred to a better town. What difference does that make? For us there is no king other than the legitimate [23]--" "Halt!

Neither do I go to confession! But to say that he committed suicide is a lie. The group welcomed them heartily. Other guests had come in.

We must distinguish in the words of Fray Damaso those of the man from those of the priest. The dead man had no relatives there and his only son was in Europe. Some newspaper reporters and shopkeepers greeted one another and moved about aimlessly without knowing just what to do. These last are the only ones that can really offend.

What if he never went to confession. During the absence of Padre Damaso from San Diego.

Padre Sibyla. The latter. And what of all the things that are lost in moving. The people of San Diego were cowardly enough not to protest. Now your Reverence can make your distinctions. A man such as he was. Little by little the party resumed its former tranquillity. Are you crazy? A Franciscan.

Fray What-do-you-call-him Savalls. Savalls or Chevas. I haven't seen him either. Fray Damaso said a Franciscan and I was only repeating. The difference of a letter doesn't make him a Chinaman.

There might have been noticed in his frank. The youth bowed. After a few moments of hesitation he. And may you be happier in it than your father was! Good evening. The young man thus found himself alone in the center of the room. Fray Damaso partly rose in his chair and stared fixedly at the lieutenant. The Dominican had taken off his glasses to stare at the newly arrived youth. Yet in spite of them his remarkable stature. His host having disappeared.

The young man himself at that moment was exchanging the conventional greetings with all in the group. The lieutenant forgot to pay his respects to his host and approached the young man. Padre Damaso. One writer has been imprisoned for having put a very obvious truth into verse. I am known as Capitan Tinong and live in Tondo.

A man with a smiling face. He went directly to Ibarra and grasped his hand. He then turned toward a group of men who. I've been eager to make your acquaintance. I have already paid my respects to the skies and to the ladies of my native land. Then it will be on your return. Allow me to adopt this usage here. Because one does not seek inspiration in order to debase himself and lie.

Come and dine with us tomorrow. They may have called me a poet but they sha'n't call me a fool. It is said that you do not write any more. He came very near to being exiled for it. Capitan Tiago is a friend of mine and I knew your respected father. I hope that you will honor me with a visit. It has been seven years since I have been in my own country and upon returning to it I cannot suppress my admiration and refrain from paying my respects to its most precious ornaments.

The seat of honor belongs to you. None of the claimants had given a thought to their host. Fray Sibyla. According to clerical opinion in the Philippines. The lieutenant was grave while the others talked vivaciously.

On the other hand. I obey. He even condescended to speak to the lame doctor. The Franciscan was in a frightful humor. As if from instinct the two friars both started toward the head of the table.

Don Santiago. Ibarra noticed him watching the scene with a smile of satisfaction. Observing all this. Lucullus was not to sup in the house of Lucullus. I have always thought about it. Bring on the tinola!

I ordered tinola as you doubtless have not tasted any for so long a time. The Dominican was very busy talking to the rubicund youth. P-perhaps you s-saw him? Padre Damaso received a plate in which a bare neck and a tough wing of chicken floated about in a large quantity of soup amid lumps of squash. The Dominican. Even if my country does seem to have forgotten me.

But whether from carelessness or other cause. He did well to leave us so old and still only a lieutenant! It's the evil result of sending young men to Europe.

He was about to say. The old lieutenant silently followed his example. Meanwhile the Franciscan had recovered himself. Since the beginning of the dinner he had not uttered a single word.

They even think that they are respectable persons. Any schoolboy knows that. I have observed that the prosperity or misery of each people is in direct proportion to its liberties or its prejudices and.

But before visiting a country. Ibarra continued as he rose from the table: The principal part of the dinner is over and I drink but little wine and seldom touch cordials. Ibarra appeared to reflect. The government ought to prohibit it. I tried to familiarize myself with its history. I like everything in those people.

I appreciate it. The new curate of your town. They can't stand to have the curate correct them. He treated me so when I was a child. I've a very important visit to make now.

Isabel has gone to get her. Under present conditions it would perhaps be a good thing not to allow the Filipinos to leave the country. Here one cannot be honest and keep out of jail. He took off his hat and drew a deep breath.

He raised his head to see the old lieutenant gazing at him with something like a smile in place of the hard expression and the frown which usually characterized him. There were the same streets and the identical houses with their white and blue walls. While he was meditating upon this marvel of the city's stability in a country where everything is so unstable. He was Don Rafael Ibarra. Can you tell me how he died? Who died in prison?

He walked along at that irregular pace which indicates thoughtful abstraction or freedom from care. The night breeze. Learn from your father! The ice-cream venders were repeating the same shrill cry. What are you talking about? Do you know who my father was? Are you--? He died in prison! I thought you knew about it. Carriages flashed by. Don Rafael Ibarra.

Don't you know about it? It might be said that tonight I've dreamed of a seven years' journey in Europe. Good heavens. Perhaps you know? What of the widow and the orphans? My conscience tells me that I should try to take the place of him whom I killed.

But to get back to his troubles with the curate--these took on a serious aspect. On the contrary.

The Social Cancer

The elder seemed to be in deep thought and to be seeking inspiration from his goatee. We Spaniards who come to the Philippines are unfortunately not all we ought to be. I have another conception of God. He charged me to continue my studies and--sent me his blessing. I foresaw that sooner or later the affair would have serious results. It will soon be a year since we buried him. Fray Damaso accused him of not coming to confession. I say this as much on account of one of your ancestors as on account of your father's enemies.

Take this example: But even so. But come with me to the barracks and I'll tell you as we go along. The worst characters of the Peninsula come here. So it was that your father had a number of enemies among the curates and other Spaniards. Don Rafael was a very upright man. He had framed for himself a rigid morality and often said to me. As the man had to live and he.

Padre Damaso denounced him from the pulpit. Take my arm. The continual changes. He even came to have some hard words with your father.

He knew that he was an object of ridicule and this tended to sour his disposition even more. The fellow heard the laughter and saw the joke reflected in the solemn faces of the bystanders. To be a heretic is a great danger anywhere. They would purposely hand him the papers upside down to see his efforts to read them.

Every one abandoned him. He lost his patience and. Everything served as an accusation. In spite of my repugnance to asking for mercy from any one. But your father's enemies were numerous. He ran up and began to kick the fallen boy. All his hidden enemies at once rose up and false accusations came from all sides.

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He was accused of subscribing to El Correo de Ultramar. It was in vain that I pledged my life and swore by my poverty and my military honor. But his wealth. Had it been any one but your father. The artilleryman. I went first to the celebrated Filipino lawyer. I succeeded only in being coldly listened to and roughly sent away with the epithet of chiflado.

He ran forward indignantly. But to be a filibuster is worse than to be a heretic and to kill three or four tax-collectors who know how to read. The artilleryman bled freely from the mouth and died a few moments later without recovering consciousness. He swallowed his pride and made the collections. I applied personally to the Captain-General--the predecessor of our present one--and urged upon him that there could not be anything of the filibuster about a man who took up with all the Spaniards.

The poor devil had no education at all.

The degree of social difficulties experienced by cancer patients and their spouses

The natives mocked while they paid him. He was accused of being a heretic and a filibuster. False witnesses abounded. If the lawyer succeeded in destroying the force of their testimony by making them contradict. Every one ridiculed him and the payment of the tax was the occasion of broad smiles. Don Rafael quietly picked the wounded boy up and carried him to the town hall.

At last the case became so confused that at the end of a year no one understood it. Ibarra shook the lieutenant's bony hand and followed him with his eyes until he disappeared.

When the case was almost finished and he was about to be acquitted of the charge of being an enemy of the fatherland and of being the murderer of the tax-collector. The alcalde had to leave and there came in his place one who had the reputation of being honest. Recent studies have increasingly reported on physical problems associated with cancer and its treatment and psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression.

As several studies have indicated that social problems experienced by cancer patients have an important impact on their mental health and quality of life [ 6 — 10 ], the need for support for their social problems, as well as the mental care of patients, has been increasingly recognized. However, the reality of the social problems experienced by the families who support cancer patients has not yet been sufficiently understood.

Spouse caregivers provide the most extensive and comprehensive care, maintain the caregiver role longer, tolerate greater levels of disability than other caregivers, and experience more severe lifestyle adjustments [ 11 ].

The spouse is the primary informal caregiver for cancer patients, and can experience high levels of stress, potential burnout, depressive symptoms, marital distress, poor health, and unmet needs [ 12 , 13 ]. Thus, the present study aimed to investigate the degree of social difficulties experienced by cancer patients and their spouses, to identify cancer-associated social problems from the perspectives of both patients and their spouses, and to compare and analyze differences in their problems.

Methods Study design and subjects This is a cross-sectional study using internet-based surveys.As several studies have indicated that social problems experienced by cancer patients have an important impact on their mental health and quality of life [ 6 — 10 ], the need for support for their social problems, as well as the mental care of patients, has been increasingly recognized.

Kenwyn: Juta. The star paled and disappeared. Well then.

P-perhaps you s-saw him? That this practise was not particularly offensive to the people among whom they dwelt may explain the situation. The idol of all. From them. To the questioning glance of love. Just where will come the outbreak after three centuries of mind-repression and soul-distortion.