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Build an Airport Explorer with ASP.NET Core

The biggest change with. NET Core.

Creating First ASP. Based on your platform, download the appropriate installer. Once the download is complete, run the installer to install. NET Core version installation.

Installing Visual Studio Preview To install Visual Studio preview, download the installer from this location. It will have no impact on your current stable VS installation. Once the installer is downloaded, run the installer.

The installer will download the required files and install them.

After completing the download and installation, then workloads will open. Select what are the workloads we need.

To start, select ASP.

NET and web development,. NET Core cross-platform development. The installation will take some time to complete.

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The very first visible change is the app icon. Next change is the new splash screen. The startup window is completely revamped and even in the preview stage, it opens much faster compare to Visual Studio You can also open an existing project or solution or create a new one. It will start your web server and run your web service application. Now wait until your browser window loads properly, like below: Now the server is running and we will do our first a GET service call.

Step-by-Step ASP.NET Core RESTful Web Service Development

Step 6. Please change the port number as it might be different in your case.

So we have to insert a few records here. To add records, we will use our POST service. Let's test our POST service now. Step 7. Now, click the green arrow button and you can see the below window. The reason for introducing four different types of POST methods is to provide you an example of using generic types as return type. Suppose that during insertion we get an exception; how will we inform the caller about the exception type? Hence, we need a generic return type so that we can return any object type.

But, we have a solution to handle this kind of situation. Now look at the other methods; the return types are generic and we use JSON so we can return any type of object. But the return type implementation logic is exactly the same as the first method, it's just used to add a record.

Using this the method, we can design a different resource path to execute different methods in a controller.

All of these three methods are doing the same operation, i. Thanks to your team for a follow-up after sending the ebook.

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The Demo link with each recipe is very very useful. I will complete it over the weekend and blog about it soon.

Thanks dotnetcurry. Good job overall -- Amal You got to know the basics of jquery before using this book.

The author has provided some useful links in AppendixB of this book to get you started. Lots of neat tips and ideas. The book is well-written, concise and can be used as a reference. I wish there were a chapter on asp. Overall I strongly recommend this book to everyone. This is a very good book.

I give it 8. A lot of useful info at a great price : -- Lee Zoumas I took the right decision by downloading this ebook. I have already used it to solve an annoying issue. NET and has not yet integrated the two together.

I would recommend getting up to speed on jQuery before using this book. The book is written with the assumption that the reader knows JQuery.Net framework, so some may find it limited.


NET platform to allow you to write dynamic, data-driven applications that run over the World Wide Web. Step 7. Next change is the new splash screen.

Installing Visual Studio Preview To install Visual Studio preview, download the installer from this location. Localized versions Would you prefer to read this tutorial in another language?

Either you need a Junior. The main idea behind it was to let developers use the same skill set while creating various applications that may be used on different types of devices.


NET WebForms.